Love Lilly Arrives

I loved making things when I was at home with the children when they were young but life sort of gets in the way working full-time managing the kids and home etc. Then you blink and the kids are all grown up and left home to start their own lives so with far too much time on my hands I decided to start Love Lilly.

I started Love Lilly in 2016, so as you can see this is a new venture which I am learning as I go!! I decided to start making floral and material wreaths with everlasting flowers, foliage and childrens designs as a way to use my spare time after my daughter and son moved away and went to university. I love nothing more than sitting in my workshop (the spare room) with music on in the background taking a wreath a selection of flowers, ribbon or tulle and creating a beautiful wreath or hoop.

My daughter introduced me to Etsy as she has had her own shop for a couple of years selling handmade crochet blankets. She helped me set up the shop, put me in touch with suppliers not to mention IT support and generally supported my decision to do somthing i have a passion for.

There we have it Love Lilly is in it’s infancy and I have a long way to go but I have loads of ideas for this year and lots of new things to try. Please keep checking back and seeing what I’ve made next. I also have a Facebook page ¬†Why not visit my etsy shop https:/

Love Lillyx

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